How solar panel work in hindi

ow does solar panel work ? Solar panel kese kaam krta hai, sunlight se electricity or bijli kese banta hain.
Hi, this post guide you to learn & understand how does solar panel work ? Solar panel kese kaam krta hai, sunlight se electricity or bijli kese banta hain. Aur dosto, a video agar aapko aacha laga hai too Please Share, like & Subscribe!!! SUBSCRIBE : YOUTUBE :...
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how to make a homemade generator easy

Published on Apr 23, 2017 Namaskar Dosto, This Post guide to to make a DIY electric generator for school science projects. For this project I used 1 DC toy motor, 1 dynamo motor, connecting wires, Led, & 1 rubber band for motors, click on below link Please Share,...
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Create realistic 3d model easily : daz3d beginner

Namaskar Dosto, This post guide you to create realistic 3d model easily. so be ready to create 3d model in 10 mins using daz studio. Daz3d is free software. DOWNLOAD DAZ3D   Daz Studio Video tutorial       More from Hindi Tech Guide Learn ANIMATION in Hindi Learn...
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How to publish website using WordPress

Namaskar Dosto, This post guide you to learn ‘how to publish website using WordPress or  how to change template in WordPress, customize WordPress theme , publish WordPress website and many more. So here is the video tutorial Connect domain name with hosting Space ( INSTALL WordPress)… Get Domain name...
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How to make YouTube Subscribe & Bell icon Intro

Hi Friends, This post is only for youtuber. Most of  youtuber want to create ‘Subscribe & Bell intro’ for their video or channel. Today  I am going to guide you to make your ,YouTube subscriber & bell’ intro using “Shotcut” editing software.  “ShotCut” is totally free, easy and user...
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How to connect domain with Website?

tech guide
Namaskar Dasto, Domain name ko kese hosting site connect krte hain, aur lifetime free hosting space kese milega? ‘Hostinger’ se. Here is the link for free web hosting   How to get free domain     And if need more viewer or Subscriber not only from Youtube, from...
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How to get free domain name

get free domain in hindi | website guide | SEO
If need a website, then domain is the important part. Today I am going to guide you, how to get domain name for your website without spend any money or  FREE DOMAIN. Ok, So Here is the Step by Step video tutorial for your free domain. WEBSITE GUIDE...
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How to place your video display ad on YouTube video

केसे यूट्यूब पे अपनी वीडियो की डिस्प्ले ad डालते हैं How To Feature a Video on Your YouTube Channel? Its Very Simple Go to Creator Studio click on ‘Channel’ Next is ‘Featured content’ Then click ‘Featured content’ button. & select your video or playlist Video Tutorial Please Share,...
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how to use google keyword planner ?

गूगल keyword planner केसे काम करता है ..? Hi Friends,Keyword planner (Keyword tool) is the topic which every YouTuber and blogger should know. So if you want to know ‘What is Keyword planner’, ‘ how does keywords planner work?’ and ‘How to increase revenue using keyword planner? then...
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